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We're a Community Interest Company (CIC) meaning we are a nonprofit organisation that solely exists to benefit the community who surround and engage with us through various arts projects including; voice and singing, dance and movement, and creative writing.


We thrive as a company when we bring our creative projects into community spaces and the public sphere. Our community projects link to our theatre work directly by using the themes we are working on to create bespoke workshops and interactivity. This then opens up the potential of having many voices and opinions with our work whilst using creativity as a vehicle to discuss and comment on prevalent social issues. 


To keep up to date on how you could get involved, follow us @society_ofstrays (Insta) @societyofstrays (FB + TikTok) and SocietyOfStray1 (Twitter) as well as checking in with the 'What's On' section on our website.


Or you could sign up to receive newsletters with updates of community opportunities

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