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Society of Strays have received ACE funding to continue working on a new dark comedy duet Would you Adam and Eve it? 

Inspired by our relationship to technology and connection, Genesis inverts itself in this dark comedy which finds its two central characters, the last people on Earth. They’re left with one vital decision - do we continue? and if so how? Knowledge, temptation and a deep-rooted desire for perfection has taken its toll on the world and it’s once again up to Adam and Eve to make a choice that will affect the future of all humankind

Artistic Director: Andy Gardiner

Co-Director: Donna Lennard

Performers: Andy Gardiner and Donna Lennard

Creative Producer: Alex Anslow

Christine Devaney: Directorial Support/ Believer

Composer: Luke Sutherland

Set and Costume Design: Natalie Johnson

Lighting Design: Mark Parry

BSL Interpreter: Caroline Ryan

Technical Manager: Rebecca Glendenning-Laycock

Digital Marketing Design: Cave & Sky- Matt Bartram

Photography: Luke Waddington

Videography: Matt Jamie

Additional Videography: Matt Bartram 

Extended Cast: Carolyn George, Liz Highmore and David Klotz

    The Team

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