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Make a Song & Dance About It!

Make A Song + Dance About It! is a series of creative fun, accessible workshops which enable participants to explore issues surrounding their own wellbeing and express their thoughts effectively using their creativity. The workshops are guided by experienced company facilitators who start with a particular theme and then allow the  content and decision making to be informed by the participants. 

Participants explore their chosen themes using creative writing, music, dance and drama as expressive outlets. Our company is built on the principles that these creative outlets can be a provision outside of prescribed therapies. We endeavour for the experiences of our  participants, audience, performers and the company to be supported by these values. Many of the community groups we have worked seek further opportunity to become part of extended casts within our professional work, creating bespoke soundtracks, choreography and curtain raisers.


We are passionate about creating memorable experiences for those who engage with our work whilst leaving a lasting impact. These meeting grounds with community participants are centered around expressing ourselves creatively. Dance and singing in particular as part of a group activity come with many benefits for health and wellbeing. For more information click here or contact us

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