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Cycle looks at the multitude  of cycles we play out in our life's on a macro and micro scale. From the monotony of our daily routines and the journeys we take, to falling in love and falling apart. It looks at our need for community and the challenges that separate us. 

In a twisty, punchy, dark comical tone, the work will sweep across metro stations around Tyne and Wear this summer involving professional cast, voluntary cast and live Soprano, Cycle aims to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nexus and The Metro in style 

Commissioned by Nexus and Dance City produced by Moving Art Management


Available for booking !

For details on how to book the show please contact us here!

The word on the street about Cycle is...

Have a listen to what company Artistic Director Andy has to say about Cycle as part of the Nexus Metro Take-Over Summer 2021.

Vox pops
Vox pops
Metro Takeover: Community cast
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