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Society of Strays present a new dark comedy duet riddled with human contradictions, taking on technological evolution vs human devolution. A poetic, absurd, humorous look into a dystopian world reflecting human-kinds ability to create and annihilate.

This project has undergone a year long research and development process where we have cast our themes far and wide. We are forever grateful for all the voices that have inputted to WYAEI. This project would not have been possible without the support from; Dance City, Morag McLaren at Cooper Hall, Arts Council England, Christine Devaney, Luke Sutherland, Von Fox Productions, Moving Art Management, VocalEyes, Zoie Golding our Focus group (Gavin Yule, Erin Pollit)

All those who participated in our research; 55+ dance groups at Dance city, Dirk van der Linden (Newcastle University), Miguel Angel(Newcastle University), Anja McCarthy (NICA), Tinkers Bubble in Somerset (Alex), our participants from our Tech Savvy and Technophobe research groups. 

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A twisty, punchy, dark comedy outdoor work for all the family. Originally commissioned by Dance City and My Metro/ Nexus. The work is available for festival bookings throughout summer. Cycle involves a professional cast of 3, 2 dancers and a live soprano, and a voluntary cast of 6 participants.

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